Thrill seekers and macabre horror fans often seek out London not for its history and art but for its ghosts. London is known to be a haunted city where ghosts of the past have not been content to move on and instead spend their afterlives haunting the places they lived and died.

For those brave enough to venture into the places where these unfortunate souls perished, they should take the free Ghost Tour London. This 2.5 hour walking tour will share the stories behind some of London’s most haunted places. Guests will be entertained and frightened while roaming the sinister streets at night.

Learn About the Notorious Theatre Ghost

The founder of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art at Royal Haymarket Theatre remains – even though he passed away in 1917. For years, people have reported unexpected cold spots in the theatre as well the door to his signature box opening on its own (or with the help of his spirit).

Visit Green Park and Its Haunted Trees

Green Park is notorious for being haunted – flowers do not even grow on the cursed land. Green Park is home to the Death Tree where a number of suicides occurred, as well as the place where a ghastly figure led men to their deaths beneath the Pig Tree.

Take in the Lake at St. James’s Park

Rosamund’s Pond in St. James’s Park was known as a place where broken hearted women went to end their lives. In addition to this lore, the ghost of a headless woman has been sighted here.

Have a Drink at Coach & Horses Pub

Many London pubs are haunted. In particular, Coach & Horses is known for its ghostly lore – it was named for the appearance of a headless ghost carriage driver and his horses.