Safari is a Swahili word which means journey. Its originally derived from Arabic word Safar, also meaning a journey. Safari simply stands for embarking upon a journey in nature to learn about wildlife and live in an environment to learn from it and photograph it.

During a Safari, such a place is selected which is away from general human footsteps and offer thrill and adventure. Safari offers unique experience to live in wilderness and let it teach you. Whether it be wildlife photographers moving and counting leaves of each tree in thick green forests of Africa or let it be historians learning about different tribes of Egypt or Namibia or consider wanderers and adventures challenging authority of desert and planning to stab in its heart.

The Safari expeditions are generally divided into 2 categories:

Jungle Safari, chasing the wildlife in green, is one of the biggest thrills in any adventurer’s life. It ranges from as short as 7 days to as long as 3 months in deep green forest, chasing the lions and playing with the monkeys.

Whether one starts an expedition in northern Kruger or chase big cats in Massai Mara, the gains from the wilderness will be life changing and have impacts deep enrooted in one’s future. The jungle has countless lessons to teach and countless stories to tell.

The wilderness change life and soul of thrill lovers and change their perspective to see things. The 10 eco systems, six countries, ranging from volcanic rocky landscape to deep, dark and green jungle, with mammals from mountain gorillas and dark black puma and equally fascinating dung beetles invite all adventurers to play.

The Jungle Safari preparation consists of choosing the right bag pack and organizing and taking the most needed things. Adventurers will need camera, batteries, travel adapter, first aid box, travel guides to study environment, mosquito repellant and first aid box and light snacks and fresh water containers etc. The travelers will need allergy and malaria medications and need to have some experience surviving in warm and damp environment. Clothes also should be packed according to this environment, bag pack should have light sneakers and water repellant shoes, hats, shorts, shirts and sun screen is also needed.

Desert Safari is relatively newer form of adventure sport. It is getting popular in tourists and thrill enthusiasts. Evening Desert Safari is one of the most famous among all forms of desert safari. Evening Desert Safari too has many sub categories like Private Safari, Hummer Safari and Overnight Safari etc.

Dubai Evening Desert Safari is relatively much more modern, popular and family adventure. Evening Desert Safari is usually cheaper and its duration is only 6 hours packed with fun and thrill. There are many packages of Desert Safar available, the longest day Desert Safari available is of 7 days.

Preparations for Evening Desert Safari aren’t much, the adventurers just need camera, light clothes, open and light shoes, sun screen and some spare cash.

Lastly, let’s compare the Jungle Safari with the Desert Safari. Jungle Safari is very much challenging, more expensive and need more resources and training. It needs more time as the trip is longer and no modern facilities are available. While modern Desert Safaris like Evening Desert Safari of Dubai is cheap, modern, no training is needed and almost every one can go and enjoy this. No luggage is needed as this trip is of only 6 hours and it is relatively more entertaining as many modern form of entertainment like Quad Biking, Bars and Sand Skiing etc. are also offered with professional guides, drivers and shops in the way.